Saturday, March 13, 2010

Twin Program

Specially selected sarung batik terengganu by Rozi for a cool shoulder bag with a twist. Rozi choose this brown on black batik sarung terengganu and choose the floral side for her bag. A twist to my normal cool shoulder bag is that Rozi wants a zipper for the bag. Plus she wants the handle to be the from the sarung borders for some white on the dark bag. As a result as the first of the two bags shown.

The other bag I pieced from the kepala kain. Somehow or rather I preferred this design than the body motif for bags. On top of the contrasting white on normally dark colors of batik sarung at the kepala kain, the pattern called CORAK REBUNG is iconic to Malay kain sarung batik. Thus poking the deep sentiment for traditional Malay batik.

The bags are sized about 18"x18" with about 20" handle. They are lined with plain black cotton fabric with inside pockets from the same fabric. And of course Rozi's bag is attached with 18" zippers across the top of the bag just below the curvatures for the handle. Hope she likes it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fiery Hot Shoulder Bag

This is one hot cool shoulder bag. Similar to the first few that I've made. Only this time, the shoulder attachment is not just by overlap method, but by the inside seamed method - advance technique that is. Hooray! Zihan!

To make it more exciting, I'm going to make a matching fun purse and tissue pocket to go along with this bag. Exciting eh!

This red and white fern design fabric is matched with fiery red plain fabric for the inside. It is totally reversible with a pocket on the plain red side.
I'd love this one for myself.
But of course if anybody is interested to get one I can always get the fabric replenished..
that is if it is available from my favourite fabric outlet.

Ta ta! I'm heading to the Mall!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beaded Chiffon Slip-On Tudung

Slip-on tudung is worn with a smaller insider (with awning) and very convenient as you don't need to apply any brooch or clasp under your chin for your normal square scarf. Still, I think not everybody can pull off this sort of tudung.

This one of Kak Su's is of brown chiffon material. When I received it the tudung is already embellished with iron on gold studs and diamond. My task is to add a few lines of Japanese Glass Bead around the face edge and lower edge. Working with chiffon is always difficult however I just stick to the seam lap. Add some white topaz with round white beads as tiny flowers at face edge.

Hope you like it Kak Su and look elegant for the dinner party.

Sulam Sayang at Swiss Garden

For all that weren't informed of the event here's some snapshots to tell the story. Fans at Facebook would have known of this event and the outcome. Nevertheless, I'm so happy to have been invited by Swiss Garden Resort to participate in their mini fair to cater for a specific group of visitors. So with the help of Sharifah, I managed to pull together some batik bags and sarung to the fair. I'm also happy that Royal Tenun of Pahang agreed to join my booth to make my booth merrier. The feeling is great to have launch Sulam Sayang first outing at a 5-star international hotel Swiss Garden Beach Resort Kuantan. Hopefully to see you all again there sometime. Tada!