Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Merah Menawan

Raya nak dekat, perancangan untuk baju raya dah dimulakan. Merah Menawan ni is on my baju tahun lepas. The fabric is silk tapi pattern dia bila dah siap baju macam orang tua sikit. So I've decided to upgrade it and here's the result.

The flower motif actually is similar to the fabric design. As the original design is in gold, the flower is not very visible. So I've repeated the flower design with this dual color bead embroidery (jahit manik). The result is just lovely.

Maybe I'll wear it to Kak Nor's wedding invitation and again on Raya.

Happy Beading!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Warna Nusantara

Outlining design on batik sarong has been done before. Karyaneka Craft Center has displayed many similar works of intricate bead embroidery on exclusive batif sarong motifs.

Typically batik motifs are floral and fauna of the tropics. Sometimes the figure of cocks and dragon can be found but rare. Here the bead outline follows the color of the motif. Hence, red, green, gold, yellow, brown and purple are used.