Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back to Tradition

When finishing this work, what comes to mind is our Malay tradition - the tradition of fabric design. The half flower design reflects the same motif on our long lasting Songket. The rich and deep color of green brings back to memory those old traditional velvet baju kurung cekak musang. Although baju kurung cekak musang is mainly worn by Minang ladies, as a young girl I used to admire the simplicity yet rich cultural heritage of the dress amongst us Malays in the nusantara. And so I lay down here three pantuns to remind us of our heritage, with a modern twist:

anak cina memancing ikan,
ikan dipancing di muara sungai,
kalau kite sukakan sulaman,
sulamlah bunga bunga teratai

buah pauh buahnya masam,
mari dikait si anak nelayan,
sulam bukan sebarang sulam,
sulam di buat dengan sayang

bercicit si nuri di atas titi,
memanggil teman sambil menari,
saya bersulam untuk dinikmati,
sesama kita di blog ini

For those who share the same interest with me do balas my pantun accordingly. Thank you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chocolatey Delicious

Phew siap pun! This is the second selendang for Puan Nurul.

The color selection is to match her baju kurung which is mainly in brown. Five colors were used here.

As per Puan Nurul's requests the stems are in brown. Although there's a lot of turquoise blue on her kurung she however wanted to play it down on the selendang .. so I used the blue for the rose bud ... out of the world!! That's alright coz overall it's gonna match the dress and the colors will blend.

To stick to conventional, I used light pink and dark pink for the bullion roses. Water color red is also on the kurung so that's ok.

She also likes fresh green.. hm... hope this will do.

SO! It looks delicious!! Chocolatey delicious!! MMuahh! Again this selendang project is 100% hand sewn and hand embroidered by Sulam Sayang!

P.S. tok leh bubuh gambar penuh. nanti ore tiru ... sorriii