Friday, April 30, 2010

Authentic Terengganu Colors

Many that comment on Batik Terengganu said the colors are nice, bright and modern. This yellow on brown isn't my favourite from the many colors available. For that reason I chose it to make this pair of Cool Shoulder Bag and many tissue pockets. It's kind of rustic and depicts the hard living of fishermen in Terengganu. Very authentic colors.

It reminds me of wooden fishing boats with colorful decorated front mast and simple fishing tools the men use for their daily fishing work.

They would push out their boats early in the morning and work hard all day under the hot sun on the bubbling ocean to earn their living.

All praises to Allah for our wonderful being. May He gives us guidance and perseverance to meet our daily challenges, amin.

Back to the bags, as seen in pictures, these Batik Sarung Cool Shoulder Bag are 100% reversible. You actually get two looks from one bag. One look is the iconic Batik Sarung triangular motif which is actually the back part of the sarung. The other look is the more modern look of the main body of the sarung. The fabric is cotton and cool and comfortable to wear.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mouse Pouch

Have you seen my Fun Purse? They're really fun and funky to have. The colors are electrifying pink, blue, orange and yellow. Great to store those bits and pieces cards, bills, and notes. As much as I love my Fun Purses, when storing bulky items like a computer mouse or camera or hand phone, they are not quite there to accommodate. So in comes the Mouse Pouch!

This Mouse Pouch is the same size as my Fun Purse. Unlike the Fun Purse, the Mouse Pouch is not hard interfaced but fully lined. Here I used green Batik Terengganu for the outside fabric; and the inside fabric is just plain green. Matching green zippers, end tabs and wrist holder for easy handling.

As the pouch is not interfaced, it is soft and flexible; and very convenient to hold bulky or odd shaped items. It's great for my computer mouse and camera. I am HAPPY!

Next I'm gonna make a laptop cover or sleeve of similar concept to protect my laptop from scratches when slipped into laptop bags. It will also serve as dust cover when the laptop is not in use. I have uncovered too much already of my next project. See you there!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sour Plum Bag Set

So I'm on a streak here. Three days in a row, three bag sets back to back.

The story is like this, I was off to my favourite fabric outlet wanting to get dark warm plain chocolate fabric to match with a turquoise blue on dark brown fabric for Kak Long. Temptation turns to lust, "no lah", just can't resist some of the fabrics from the normal collection I usually pick from.

Well, this bag set is of Sour Plum fabric. It is matched with burnt brick brown plain fabric for inside lining. The set comprises of Cool Shoulder Bag, Wadi Sling Bag, Makeup Purse, and Tissue Pocket.

A twist to the Cool Shoulder Bag - it has a button to hang trinket and in my case a Tissue Pocket. A twist to the Tissue Pocket is that I've made a loop to hang it on the button on the bag. This way, the tissue packet would not get crumpled amongst other things in the bag - clever ehhh. A twist to the Makeup purse, this one has a rounded edge top flap and is bigger than the earlier one I did for the OMG Set.

Pink satin pipings are used for both tie ribbon for the Makeup Purse and the edge lining for the Tissue Pocket.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wadi Sling Bag With Cover Flap

As promised, more add on features to my bags. Simple as it may be, each successful add on is very gratifying.

Complementing my earlier OMG Cool Shoulder Bag, this Wadi Bag is of the same fabric. This vibrant green brown and white fabric is matched with a more soothing brown for the inside lining. Notice the handle is one side of the designed fabric while the other is of plain fabric. This is so when using the bag reversed, each way the handle is matched to the body.

Surprisingly, even with the flap cover, the new add on to this Wadi Sling Bag, the bag is still reversible!!

Furthermore, I've concocted a matching makeup purse with satin ribbons to enclose! Wonderful!! The makeup purse is also lined on the inside with the soft brown fabric. I'll detail this makeup purse when in my next project update .. hold on to your seats.

There you have it then, four different bags and purses to mix and match to suite the occasion. I just can't decide which bag I want for myself! They are SO cool, I want them ALL!! Don't you?

Friday, April 23, 2010

OMG Cool Shoulder Bag

OMG. I'm speechless when naming this bag or rather the fabric.

I was kinda skeptical of the result as I've matched this striking fluorescent green design with a lighter than the fabric background brown. Thought it would look electrifying with plain fluorescent green for the inside lining but alas don't have it. Don't even have fluorescent green thread to do the sewing with so I've settled with dark brown. And when finished, I just had to say "Oh My God!"

It has a matching tissue pocket with emerald green piping at edges. Cool!

Take note, I have a lot of more cool ideas to add to this cool shoulder bag. One, the inside pocket which sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. Two, inner top zipper which I have done once for Rozie's brown batik shoulder bag. Three, there are matching accessories to the bag or it's accompanying Wadi Sling Bag that are tissue pocket, fun purse etc. Four, I will do a tiny loop at the side of the tissue pocket and hang it onto a button sewn on the inside at one of the handles arm. That way, the tissue packet in its tissue pocket will be safe from being crumpled inside the bag when it is hangs safely away from the other peripherals women always carry in their bag. The phone? Oo, the phone sits in the inside side pocket which I've already explained earlier.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dark Forest Bag Set

Back to making my favourite Cool Shoulder Bag and Wadi Sling Bag.

For time saving, I've made the bags from the same material I named Dark Forest. The bags are awesome yet mysterious.

To complement I've made matching tissue pockets for each one. So whoever wants the bag, the tissue pocket comes FREE!

As a bonus, I'm offering the whole thing which I'm calling a Mother & Daughter set with another surprise gift!.

So moms with teenage daughters, what are you waiting for?

Get in the fun with these cool matching bags for your Ladies ONLY outing!

P.S. As usual, the bags are 100% reversible. Outside fabric is Dark Forest cotton polyester and inside fabric is plain dark green cotton polyester. Tissue Pockets are edged with dark emerald green satin piping. The whole package deal is only for RM50. Hurry while stock last!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tissue Pockets

I don't think ladies carry little pocket tissues anymore. Life has improved. We are encircled with fans and air-conditioning and there's free serviettes at local food outlets and restaurants. However, these are handy to have around just in case.

These tissue pockets secure those little pocket tissue avoiding early tear ups and crumple. Bright colors of our batik Terengganu with satin edges to compliment and for a serene look.


Start with a 7" by 5 1/2" rectangular. Sew piping on both short edges. Right side up, fold to center short sides. Sew the raw edges, edges aligned, with 1/2" seam allowance. You basically have the tissue pocket done with the right side in. Turn the the tissue pocket bringing the right side out. Push corners with blunt pencil and form the rectangular tissue pocket. Voilla.

Good Luck!

P.S. Let me know how you like this tutorial. Maybe, just maybe, I will share with you more in future!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Batik Tissue Box Cover

A picture tells a lot of story. A box of tissue sits on a coffee table. How many people have seen this sight. Well mine's a bit different. There's a guitar, some take-a-way food containers, there's a red batik table cloth, remember that one, and there's the green batik tissue box cover. Cool. Even though it's kinda shabby but it's a treat for the eye. The cool green on black is really eye soothing. I used matching green satin piping for all the seam edges. Lovely.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Roomy Large Funky Bag

Roomy! Large! Funky!

Sized at 14"H x 12"W x 6"D this bag is suitable for beachwear to classroom to the mosque! Your choice on where you want to take it to. It's wide sized handle makes wear comfortable. Side pockets with elastic top are suitable for hand-phone and keys; it even fit a bottle of mineral water! Or just slip those sunglasses when not in use in it.

The bag is constructed inside out with Batik Terengganu. The side from the iconic sarung motif has two side pockets. Where the side from the floral motif is pieced with the sarung border vertically placed on the left edge of the bag. Did I mention that it's totally reversible! The bag is actually off-triangular shape. It is fully interfaced for its form. Funky.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Alphabets - Ondori Floral Embroidery

I'm feeling a bit down lately and haven't done any sewing yet. Watched Pride and Prejudice two days in a row so that's how down I am. So for the lack of sewing projects I browsed through my old posts and thought of sharing this one with everyone.

These pictures first appeared in my Sulam Sayang DIY blog so here goes...

The above design templates are the ones I used for my SULAM project which I completed last year.

The finishing on the template is good as the material is like thick cotton or like canvas. Remember, for my project I used thin fabric, burgundy japanese voille. You can do the same by just duplicating what I have done. Choose your favourite word then follow the needlework template above. For letters not available just make it up. Making up the alphabet is easy I think like the way I did M on my own. However adding suitable floral motif is another challenge.

Good luck. Happy Sewing and Happy Blogging!