Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sour Plum Bag Set

So I'm on a streak here. Three days in a row, three bag sets back to back.

The story is like this, I was off to my favourite fabric outlet wanting to get dark warm plain chocolate fabric to match with a turquoise blue on dark brown fabric for Kak Long. Temptation turns to lust, "no lah", just can't resist some of the fabrics from the normal collection I usually pick from.

Well, this bag set is of Sour Plum fabric. It is matched with burnt brick brown plain fabric for inside lining. The set comprises of Cool Shoulder Bag, Wadi Sling Bag, Makeup Purse, and Tissue Pocket.

A twist to the Cool Shoulder Bag - it has a button to hang trinket and in my case a Tissue Pocket. A twist to the Tissue Pocket is that I've made a loop to hang it on the button on the bag. This way, the tissue packet would not get crumpled amongst other things in the bag - clever ehhh. A twist to the Makeup purse, this one has a rounded edge top flap and is bigger than the earlier one I did for the OMG Set.

Pink satin pipings are used for both tie ribbon for the Makeup Purse and the edge lining for the Tissue Pocket.

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