Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Roomy Large Funky Bag

Roomy! Large! Funky!

Sized at 14"H x 12"W x 6"D this bag is suitable for beachwear to classroom to the mosque! Your choice on where you want to take it to. It's wide sized handle makes wear comfortable. Side pockets with elastic top are suitable for hand-phone and keys; it even fit a bottle of mineral water! Or just slip those sunglasses when not in use in it.

The bag is constructed inside out with Batik Terengganu. The side from the iconic sarung motif has two side pockets. Where the side from the floral motif is pieced with the sarung border vertically placed on the left edge of the bag. Did I mention that it's totally reversible! The bag is actually off-triangular shape. It is fully interfaced for its form. Funky.


nurazimah said...

Bagus idea akak tuh...Imah tiru bleh....Actually Imah ada banyak helai jugak Kain batik...Tengah plan nak buat sling Bag...boleh kot!!

Norazihan said...

boleh aje! nanti share gambarnye ye. nak tengok!