Friday, April 30, 2010

Authentic Terengganu Colors

Many that comment on Batik Terengganu said the colors are nice, bright and modern. This yellow on brown isn't my favourite from the many colors available. For that reason I chose it to make this pair of Cool Shoulder Bag and many tissue pockets. It's kind of rustic and depicts the hard living of fishermen in Terengganu. Very authentic colors.

It reminds me of wooden fishing boats with colorful decorated front mast and simple fishing tools the men use for their daily fishing work.

They would push out their boats early in the morning and work hard all day under the hot sun on the bubbling ocean to earn their living.

All praises to Allah for our wonderful being. May He gives us guidance and perseverance to meet our daily challenges, amin.

Back to the bags, as seen in pictures, these Batik Sarung Cool Shoulder Bag are 100% reversible. You actually get two looks from one bag. One look is the iconic Batik Sarung triangular motif which is actually the back part of the sarung. The other look is the more modern look of the main body of the sarung. The fabric is cotton and cool and comfortable to wear.

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