Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Be your own taylor. Get yourself a Baju Kurung

Ever wonder the effort and spending when it's the time of year when you need a new baju kurung? Chances are it will be two months before raya or for a big wedding or special event. You plan to get yourself a baju kurung. Off you go to your favourite fabric store. Masses of fabric, silk, chiffon, rayon, cotton in a myriad of colors. Okay, so you've made your selection, 4 meters of fabric you feel suitable for your celebration. Maybe it had cost you a good RM80 to RM200. Now off to the tailor. She'll take your measurement and it will be ready a week before raya. It will cost you from RM40 to RM60 for tailoring the fabric into a baju kurung. There would be other cost incurred as you made your way thru Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman or where ever that you shop and back. Plus you need to wade your way to your tailor - at a makcik's place at Kampung Bharu or wherever. Then of course a matching tudung! So back to Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman for a tudung bawal. This may cost you RM55 to RM175!! So I'm providing you a short cut solution. Read on.

I have this friend tailor who sews the best fitting baju kurung in the world. She has been sewing mine for a good 10 years and I still go to her to get my baju kurung done. She operates from her house. Previously, she had a store but following a year of bad flood she had to close shop. Her cutting and sewing is so good you rasa terletak je!! Must I say more. So what's the deal? Read on.

Here at this site, I'm offering you fabric, sewing, jahit tulang belut and bead embroidery (if required) services and delivery (pos laju) right to your door - your baju kurung. "Wuoo... macam mana tu?" you might ask. You choose the fabric from our collection, trust me on this one. (We will build our collection of quality fabric at our e-shop!) You give me your measurement, and I'll send you your baju kurung right to your door!! "What kind of measurement?" For this you have to get yourself a measuring tape. Gi borrow from your mom, or sis or your neighbour if you don't have one. Dah ada dah? Now pull out one of your best fit baju kurung. Read on.

Lay the baju kurung flat on the floor. Start taking measurement. First, the shoulder width, from side to side. Forget about seam allowance, get the exact measurement. Second, the sleeve length. Third, the sleeve width. Fourth, the dress length. Fifth, the dress widest width at bottom, side to side including the pesak. For the kain, measure the waist, hip and length.

Give us two to four weeks and ding dong you get your baju kurung.

Or, if you biasa beli baju siap and comfortable with the standard size, just choose from the available sizes. We will suggest a matching tudung to go with the kurung.

How's that to shop from the comfort of your home. Save time, money, fuel and reduce global warming!!

So let's get started.

P.S. the price? Lupa pulak.

Fabric + Sewing + Tulang Belut + Beading + Packing&Delivery =
(fabric depends on the fabric)+R25+R3+(beading depends on design)+RM7

Price range depends on what you desire from RM110 - RM???? Email or call 019-9846026 for enquiry. Thank you.


Norazihan said...

Dear readers, tayloring price maybe up soon to RM30 and tulang belut to RM5. So hurry, send your fabrics or requirements for a Sulam Sayang baju kurung today!

Norazihan said...

Tks Putri for supporting this service all the way from Petaling Jaya with your daughters' kurung!!

azaalleeaa said...


Do you do full lined baju kurung..where about is your place


Norazihan said...

Wkslm Azaalleeaa. We are at Taman Batu Hitam, Kuantan. Baju kurung rm40. For full lining add rm40. There are delivery charges for postal services. Thank you.