Friday, November 14, 2008

Wedding Anniversary Gift

Today we celebrated my son Hazem's 14th birthday. We don't do this for the sake of celebrating his birthday per say. Rather, we took the event and make it an excuse to buy and eat a cake, a little fancy cooking and get presents. This time we had a crave for cheesecake, so the birthday cake is Oreo Cheese! Fancy cooking? Grilled lamp chop, french fries, chicken macaroni salad, and sweet corn. Presents? Clothings that he needs - track pants, t-shirt, slippers and a cap. We added remote control racing car we got as a free gift while out shopping at the East Coast Mall. So nothing really with my Sulam Sayang trademark.

However, we did get something out of Sulam Sayang collection for Rozie our next door neighbour. She and hubby consider the children their own. What a neighbour. It's their wedding anniversary - don't know the "th". So the perfect gift for her was a beaded purple songket purse and purple crystal bracelets in two different tones.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Rozie and Rashid! And Happy 14th Birthday Hazem!!