Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Like a Cheetah" Print Batik Cool Shoulder Bag

Being a batik lover, I just had to work on a batik project now and then. So here's my cool shoulder bag in "like a cheetah" print. Here, it's matched with a black lining. As usual, this bag is reversible so wear in batik on one day and mysteriously black on another.

Winter In Russia Cool Shoulder Bag

Still have a few back orders to finish but just don't have the time to start on them yet. And just when I wanted to start sewing, the machine has to have some problems. So, it's just back from the shop.

After RM70, today I've completed a few cool shoulder bag and some half moon bag. The fabrics have been pre-cut at hanging on my working chair for quite some time, so here some the pics. And of course, these are available for grabs.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Give Away Bag!!

Follow these simple rules :

1) Be our follower :) and Like us on the Sulam Sayang at Facebook
2) In your blog, write a post, in your very own creative way :

I'd love to wear Sulam Sayang bags because....
Malay pun boleh : Saya suka untuk memakai bag Sulam Sayang kerana....

3) Insert the above banner in your post / sidebar (hint: save the image on your PC then insert image into your contest post)
4) Link back your post at our comment box below / Facebook wall (hint: copy paste your post url); AND
5) You are done :)

The most creative slogan will win a Sulam Sayang bag worth RM15, delivered straight to the winner (within Malaysia only. Overseas winner will have to incur postage.)

So, hurry up. Crack out your brain and swing away with our cool chique bag! :)

Contest ends 14th February 2011!