Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tudung Bawal Sulam Tangan oleh Sulam Sayang

Here finished order of cream tudung bawal sulam tangan for Rozi. The design is as available from our Tudung Bawal Che Ros Kelantan. The voile material is her choice from our kain bawal collection.

Order your desired hand embroidered voile headscarf, tudung bawal sulam tangan, now from Sulam Sayang. We embroider your favourite floral motif on quality voile of your color choice with your choice of embellishment, iron-on colored diamonds or cupchained diamonds.

For tips and techniques for this work visit Sulam Sayang - DIY available for members.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Upgrade Old Tudung

I bet everyone of us have lots of old tudung either outdated or just not suitable for our current lifestyle. My sis used to have a rattan basket, medium size, full of tudung of all colors and material. I store mine in my lower dresser, and that's just the ones I no longer wear. I have another stack in my dress cupboard, the current ones I'm using.

The one I'm going to share here is from my lower dresser. It is a simple and inexpensive coral blue machined embroidered not so nice bawal tudung. As I rubble through the pile I found it suitable for my upgrade project. Here's the resulting upgrade.... neat.....

Now you can get the berlian strings from Sulam Sayang E-Shop.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tudung Bawal Hand Sewn and Embroidered (TBHSE)

Finished Ros's project from Kelas Sulaman Tudung Bawal last August. This is actually maroon in color but picture looks like brown. Pretty simple floral design of daisies. If you recall mine was in color of pink (prawn paste?)

For more Tudung Bawal Sulam Tangan of many colors and designs at affordable price visit Sulam Sayang E-Shop. Send it as a gift to your love ones... yang kat asrama, kolej, u maupun overseas. We will deliver by courier in gift box complete with card with your warm wishes and greetings.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Raya Aidil Fitri with Sulam Sayang in Kelantan

Me in my brown 100% TBHSE lined with orange rose stalks and Kak Long in her baju kurung sleeves lined with basic chain sequin padded.

Notice the theme color? Yeah... rustic brown! Introducing, special other Zulkifli @ Papa Joe, Baba, Ayah Su, Cikgu Zul. Hazem on his right, Helmi on his left and Ilham front. Us at tangga rumah Tok Wan pagi raya.

Left, Kak Yah and daughter Ika. Kak Yah in sun burst modern kebaya. Ika yet to adorn her dress with Sulam Sayang beading. Bila lagi Ika? Photo also taken pagi raya kat pintu depan rumah Tok Wan. (Tok Wan nye mane?)

Below, Kak Cik in her green satin wedding dress, on the third raya. Her sis Na in icy blue kurung sleeve edging nak gi menyambut menantu. Her left Shahroul and right Papa Long.

Me with my first 100% hand sewn and embroidered tudung bawal.

After raya shopping. Mencari ilham kat flower shop - Oohh! Macam nie rupanye from behind.

Beading Class

Hari tu terserempak dengan Sulam Sayang blog readers kat Kuantan. Tergamam the girls. Maybe I was not as they expect.

Salam perkenalan buat Aida, Fiza and Lina and .. and Abang Li :)

I'll be conducting a beading class for the girls. We'll do it at my home. Sesiapa yang di Kuantan berminat nak join the class do contact me.

Date: (belum set, tapi weekend)
Time: 9:00am - 4:30pm
Location: No 20 Lorong Batu Hitam 3, Taman Batu Hitam
Fee: RM135 (Includes beads&tray, needle&thread. Also coffee, lunch "Nasi Ayam Pantai Batu Hitam", and tea... ada lah kuih-kuih)

Facebook Event: Beading Class

Note: will update post as we progress.
Note: Gambar contoh sulaman manik is of Mok Su Zana's when she first learnt the art of bead embroidery. Hope she doesn't mind.