Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My First 100% Handsewn and Embroidered Bawal Head Scarf

I've finally finished the edging for my tudung bawal from my embroidery class last week. It really takes patience and preserverance to finish one of these. No wonder they sell at such a high price.

Well, the scarf I worked on at the class was of a Bawal No. 1 A in dark pink color. Datin yang also present at the workshop said my scarf is the color of Belacan (prawn paste!) "Nice but rarely chosen." Memang I ni jenis yang tak suka kepada warna-warna yang terang. In picking up clothes or fabrics mesti color yang gelap-gelap.

Anyways, I proceed to do this flower using technique pusing benang kat jarum. I call these daisies. I also learnt to do rose bud, full blown rose, sunflower, flat side rose (like picture from earlier post), and other stiches for leaves and branches. Bah is great at doing this. You would think the stiching is done delicately, you should see Bah pulling the threads strong to form the flowers.

For the front edging, Datin ajar how to the traditional way i.e. technique pick and pull as I call it. This edging reminds me of those seprah (alas makan) from those days. But I still use seprah on my dining table as they are small and easily replaced and washed - very convenient. For the inside edging the finishing is just slip stitch.


cempaka said...

wow...u want to know? when i saw yr new handmade scarf my eyes felt shining coz right now my concentrate on this handmade scarf...congratulation u're creative person....ok...well done !

Norazihan said...

tks cempaka.

+0+cupcakes said...

boleh tempah ke? I bebetul berkenan nie,

Norazihan said...

hi +o+cupcakes. org gombak ye. saya pun org gombak, tapi tahun ni tak raya gombak, raya kelante insyaAllah.

kalau nak tempah boleh tapi tak dan raya lah. just britahu:

*warna tudung?
*edging pull and tie? yes or no
*bunga mcm mane? daisy or rose
*color preference? pastel/light or vibrant/contra or macam in harmony je.
*edging berlian? yes or no (if yes straight or manjalara)
*bile nak pakai? (takut tak siap)

(macam kene buat online order form utk senang berkomunikasi je. boleh bljar from your web nak online bis.)

berape harga? standard kot. tengok what u want dulu ok.

Selamat berpuasa and "Selamat Hari Raya"

imass said...

sis zihan

salut aa.. cantik! mmg berseni. pasni bole amik tempahan... dah bole tempah ke? thx 4 putting my link on ur list.

Norazihan said...

hi imass, tks. i berhajat jugak dan plan nak jahit a few tudung and sell on line here. (tapi the part "sell on line here" tu tak reti lagi, tak de it support mcm u :))

my first line of tudung HSE will be in pastel colors (warm pink, lilac, sand brown and light yellow). the HE will be rose buds, tinkerbells and other small flower motifs along border from front to back.

book now jgn sampai dah habis :)

maziah said...

hai An..
rajin nyer...

maziah said...

hai An..
rajin nyer..

Norazihan said...

hai maziah. ada geme lagi. long time no hear. tks for checking this out.

The Lone Beader said...

I LOVE these embroidered flowers!!!! Very nice work! :D

Maggie R said...

this is such beautiful work..
very nice..

Norazihan said...

Hi :D, Hi Maggie, thank you both. Love you works too. Mmmuah!