Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rustic Brown

Baju kurung Kak Na ni quite dark untuk a young mom like her. Yang penting she likes it.

Na wanted this pattern and I couldn't agree more. For a career woman, she can wear this to the office with a plain tudung bawal with embroidery and still look glamorous if she wears it to a special event with crystal lined tudung bawal - very elegant.

When working this design its quite difficult to get the squares to exactly match up. The reason is the beads, of the two colors, are not the same size. These rustic coperrish brown and bluish grey are new colors I found from my regular bead supplier. I had to choose them to match the colors of the kurung. For any beading only the perfect color match will give the best results of the finished work. Of course then there's the workmanship.


rahma said...

salam...how can i join your sulam sayang-DYI.... i really...really...love sewing, especially beadings... do visit my blog ya..thanks...

Norazihan said...

w'salam rahma, you're welcome to join Sulam Sayang DIY, just make a purchase from Sulam Sayang E-Shop. Beading or Tudung kits tu are great stuffs to get you started with beading or hand embroid. Good quality at affordable price!! Save time and fuel, buy online!! Help reduce global warming!