Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sulam Bunga

Sulam Bunga is hard work on soft material like this silk. You have to hold the material lightly and stich to avoid puckering, Found this flower beads and sequence embroidery from a public photo in Photopages. Would like to extend the stiches to the sleeves; unfortunately one of the sleeve do not have the flower. This kebaya is Batik on Korean Silk and thread embroidered at sleeve edges, neck, front openings and around lower hem. As it is already edge embroidered with shiny silver thread, it doesn't need any bead embroidery there. Can't wait to see the owner to wear this.
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Triple Bracelet Chains

Had to do triple bracelet chains to tone down the bright green of this silk kebaya. Even though the saying is "the more the merrier" i think three is enough - just to give it the elegant yet smart look on this kebaya.

Subdued Look

For those who prefer less glamorous look, normally achieved with lots of sequences, the use of rice bead reflects maturity.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Baju Kurung Lovers - Recommended Edging - Basic Chain with Sequin Pads

This may be my favorite bead edging for baju kurung.

Here edging is around front end neck and around sleeves. Note the front neck slit, the edging is extended well below the slit end. Close up pic show the resulting double edge effect.

In crocheting this pattern is called basic starting chain. Here three colors used blue, green and gold to highlight the chain; blue sequins are used as paddings. I think the result is just sparkling beautiful.

This kurung material is cotton rayon, probably more rayon than cotton.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Managed to attract Ladybead, local beader, popular findings for manik and beads, here at Sulam Sayang. She has pretty designs in Photopages. Wow... Wished she had commented something as to signing an autograph. Tks MSDNoraini for dropping by.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Friday, May 2, 2008

My own Crawlers (similar to local Manjalara)

Deep lavender with slight gold tint you can almost smell it. Why not blue? Dark blue makes the dress (it's a kebaya moden) gloomy. Why not light blue? It sinks.

This was my last year's baju raya. It will again be my baju raya this year with a little more bling-bling (glitter.) Last year raya kat KL, this year kat Kelantan insyaAllah.

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Bead a Pair of Beaded Beach Shoes

Something like this would also work ehhhh: Satin Shoes

Nyonya of the Peranakan Bead Work

Found an interesting bead group today. Their website has loads of information on the Peranakan Nyonya and what exites me most -- they BEAD!!!! They make beaded shoes. Their URL is

Wish I could copy paste a picture of the beaded shoes here unfortunately they are restricted. Maybe I will try doing my own and post the results here later. Would you think I'll be successful?

Other sites for Nyonya beaded shoes:

Nyonya kasut manek - timeless objects of beauty
Kasut Manek (Beaded Shoes)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cool Gift Bag

(Sorry the black video block looks like a black hole and had to be removed. Link is provided to proceed to video..

Bead Journal Project

Still seaching for ideas for the upcoming project. BJPers, if you could suggest themes and stiches I would appreciate. Do comment. Tks.

As BJPers are all English speaking and this blog is mix English and Malay, here's some basic words for your education:

Sulam / Sulaman +=+ Embroidery
Manik +=+ Bead
Manik Kaca +=+ Glass Bead
Jahit / Jahitan +=+ Stich
Dompet Duit +=+ Coin Purse
Tudung +=+ Scarf
Bunga +=+ Flower (Check out my other blog on flowers in my garden at Laman Sari
Sayang +=+ Love
Manis +=+ Sweet
Tujuh Belas +=+ Seventeen
Lengan +=+ Sleeve
Kain +=+ Fabric