Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tudung Bawal Sulam Tangan oleh Sulam Sayang

Here finished order of cream tudung bawal sulam tangan for Rozi. The design is as available from our Tudung Bawal Che Ros Kelantan. The voile material is her choice from our kain bawal collection.

Order your desired hand embroidered voile headscarf, tudung bawal sulam tangan, now from Sulam Sayang. We embroider your favourite floral motif on quality voile of your color choice with your choice of embellishment, iron-on colored diamonds or cupchained diamonds.

For tips and techniques for this work visit Sulam Sayang - DIY available for members.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully done.


Maggie R said...

Hi says Maggie waving from Southern Ontario, Canada....
I just happen here from Beadin Gram's Blog.... Everything looks so interesting and this piece is so pretty...
Thank you for an interesting visit

Norazihan said...

Thank you Maggie and thank you Nyah!

Anonymous said...

salam kakak, saya ct. nak tanya, berapa harga tudung bawal no 1 sulam tangan sahaja bidang 45-48(takde batu2). jika 1 helai berapa, jika 10 berapa? please email pada saya