Friday, December 10, 2010

Simple Gift - Batik Tissue Packet

I love to give gifts especially to those whom I rarely get a chance to meet ~ old friends, distance relatives, ex-colleagues ~ or even to office mates and function guests. I used to give out these lovely tissue packets to family members during our family gathering. Now I would like to extend the token to my beloved customers as well. So I've taken a step up in the packaging for it to be more presentable to my corporate customer. Each tissue packet is seal wrapped and adorned with silver metallic sticker bearing my name and Sulam Sayang.

You can customer these simple batik tissue packets as your thank you gift personalized with your thank you message on the silver metallic stickers as well. Call us for your quantity order today.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Batik Chocolate Box

Conceptualizing a chocolate box out of batik.

This is the outcome of my first try at materializing the sewing crafted chocolate box. So the box is just a simple rectangular box with flip lid. It is fitted with a four by two chocolate tray. So it fits eight pralines or truffles just nicely.

Here the chocolate model is the flat round dark peppermint filled chocolate I did for Hazem's 16th birthday. A nice thank you satin ribbon for added embellishment.

Will followup with a nicer box. But if you want to followup with my delicious dark chocolate with peppermint creme, text me at 0199846026. We deliver nationwide.

Thank you.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Batik Table Runner

I'm not much of a frills type of person but following a request I have done this batik table runner with some decorative ends.

The batik is my favorite Sarung Batik Terengganu in red .. it has such a strong commercial touch yet depicts the vibrant spirit of Melayu.

Making use of the two available designs from the sarung I have done the back motif for one side and the body design for the other side. As the length of the runner is more than one and a half meter the side borders are made use to emphasize geometric design. A beautiful bead tassel with a little decorative copper like leave dangles at both ends of the runner providing weight and aesthetic feature.

Hope it is acceptable by you Mr. Lim.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Green Batik Table Cloth 04

Phewh! The last one for this order.

Long Batik Table Cloth 03

Waah! Three down one to go. You'd probably seen one similar to this one I finished earlier.

Similar yes, however this one is of different pattern of our Batik Terengganu.

Highlighted here is the napkins to go with the table cloth. The table cloth layout is with the icon back of the sarung running length wise in the center.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Throw Cushion

Trust on throw cushions to soften and brighten any room. Mix solids and prints for a cheerful look. Add trims and accessories just for the look your looking for.

Here I've made some throw cushion covers from my favourite Batik Terengganu. It is just so glorious and I love it. The covers are simple to make. No zippers were used therefore they are child safe. They have overlapping back just like your pillow covers so they are easy to put on and taken off for washing.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pin Cushion

... pause from making table cloth as I've ran out of thread.

From reviewing old favorite sewing web pages I decided to try on throw pillows as they seem easy to make. But working with zippers, larger than 6 inch, is something I don't quite like. But how a about working on a tiny pillow ..

This tiny pillow serves as a pin cushion or pot pouri sachet. Cute.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Long Batik Table Cloth

Today begins the season of Hajj. Malaysian first group of 300 to be Hajjahs and Hajis arrived safely in Madinah. Soon millions of Muslim will pack Meccah and Madinah awaiting for the day of Wukuf. There is no Haji without Wukuf at Arafah according to a tradition from Rasulullah SAW. Come the day for Wukuf at Arafah, we muslims in our own countries are encourage to fast. We will later celebrate Eidul Hajj the next day when the pilgrams throw stones at the Jamarul Aqaba symbolizing self cleansing. And it is the day for Korban.

This post is to show off a recently completed table cloth from our Sarung Batik Terengganu. This table cloths is for eight seating and so it is quite a large one. It will later sits in Australia.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cool Shoulder Bag 04

Cool shoulder bag, floral prints, very Laura Ashley, soft dark purple with plain black insides. 100% reversible.

Cool Shoulder Bag 03

Cotton floral prints, on soft dark blue, very Laura Ashley, matched with gray plains. 100% reversible.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cool Shoulder Bag 02

Batik sarung Terengganu cool shoulder bag. 100% reversible. Hand printed batik motif orange on black with plain black inside wearable on the outside!

Cool Shoulder Bag 01

Batik sarung Terengganu cool shoulder bag. 100% reversible. Hand printed batik motif turquoise blue on black.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Round, Red and Ridiculously Hot Table Cloth

A table is truly a plain object. Photography of plain object I find is very challenging. On sewing craft I have done a few beautiful table cloths out of Batik Terengganu but to show it off herein this blog, the photography just doesn't do them justice. Under indoor lighting and not so good camera setting, the visibility of both my beautiful work and the beautiful batik artwork did not project themselves.

So, to bring out the most of this recently completed batik table cloth for my foreign customer I've decided to take the table cloth out of the dining room setting and out in the gardens for my photography shoot. Now, enjoy and feast your eyes on the strikingly red round table cloth amidst my Misai Kucing plant, Kembang Pagi flowers and on my drying line.

The piece I'm sharing today is similar to the first round table cloth I did earlier. This piece is made out of four batik sarungs. The table cloth is cut out from the main body of the sarungs. While the napkins were cut out from the head of the sarungs. The pieces for the table cloth were laboriously put together like a four cut cake cutting. This way gives more accuracy to get the points together than my previous effort of working with eight pieces. The result is just truly lovely and breathtaking.