Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Round Batik Table Cloth and Napkins

This project turns four batik sarung pieces into a round table cloth for six with matching square napkins. Since the requirement is for a 72" diameter round piece I had to piece the body of the sarungs together.

Here there is a total of eight pizza shape pieces, two from each sarung, sewn sharp ends together. Then from the sarung head, I got eight square napkins, two from each sarung head.

As I don't have a round dining table to test this table cloth on just use your imagination to see the piece. It's like a very large pizza sliced into eight - matching motifs at opposite sides.

"Would you like to have a cuppa honey!"

Nothing like a hot sweet tea with peppermint to have with freshly baked muffins! Hmmm.

P.S. Excuse the overall dark appearance of the photos. Placing the folded napkins on the table cloth for close up shoot was a mistake. Should have just used white background. Anyways .. enjoy. Especially you Norlin!! Muuah.


Leenzy said...

Wonderful presentation! Looking at the photos of the traditional 'kain batik' crafted into master pieces like the authentic napkins and table cloth, makes me feel the atmosphere of a 'kampung'(village) in Terengganu. Situated by the sea with soft blowing winds and swaying coconut trees!

Norazihan said...

Yes Leenzy, let's sit on the verandah with hot coffee, looking out to the sea ... hmm, to feel the salt in your eyes and on your skin. The sound of the soft waves hitting the sandy beach. The wind in your hair ... oooo heaven on earth.

Norazihan said...

Here's the finished look published at FB .. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=6730&id=1794456894&ref=mf

Norazihan said...

oops! follow this link.