Friday, November 28, 2008

Soft White-n-Blue Floral

This is a collaboration work between Mok Su Zana and myself on Kak Yan's baju kurung. I'm just finishing off the floral motif MSZ started. She will add manik tabur both at sleeve and neck edges. Cantik.

I'm kind of worried if the long stitches would get tanggled with the wearer's jewelleries like bracelet, wrist watch, bangle and tudung and necklace. Because of the design, the stitches are just going outlet from the central pearl bead, no criss-crossing at the back. hm...

Eventhough not finished, just wanted to share it with you here. Enjoy.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Back Linked With Love

I wish to thank you who have made their way here at Sulam Sayang. I am very happy when I notice your presence and especially honored when you took time to comment on my work, left a note at my shoutbox or sign my guestbook.

I must tell you that I really enjoy beading and hand embroidery and sharing it with you here at Sulam Sayang. I've also noticed that many had come to this blog from a link else where and I've found that some of you had made a link to Sulam Sayang on you blog list or others. I am again honored and very glad that you enjoy visiting this blog.

As such, this post is a tribute to all of you, especially those that have Sulam Sayang link on their blog.

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*Abby (who loves this work and gardening like me)*Kak Pah (sewing lover from Sarawak)*Norazihan (he.. he.. sendiri punya bloglah)*Rahma (marine lover from Sabah)*Sheila Wahid (embroiderer and a technical professional)*Kak Long (my loving daughter)*Ina (ribbon embroiderer)*Suzanne Cooper (US) *Beader's Showcase (beaders all round the world)*Bead Journal Project 2008 (bead artists)*Maziah (my secondary school friend till now)*Pinchesska(cross stitcher)*Umi Da*Norazlina (who loves sewing for her princess)*Fabric Malaysia (my love for local fabric)*Yarin (quilter from Indonesia)*Halida (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)*Adani (yg baru habis exam kot)*Afariez (peminat sulam kot)*MrsNzam(yg tengah happily carrying a baby)*Gee(fabulous smocker)*Haslina(peminat beading kot)*Alviana(young n enthusiast)*Suryani(love her family)*Nadd(stylish)*NurAzimah(beginner cross-sticher)*Farahana(avid taylor)*Nora(nice tudung)
<i know ada lagi a few. do let me know who you are so i can back link you in return here, tq. tak kira whether u generate income from your blog or not, i would like to back link u here as my tq for your support>

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Happy beading and happy blogging!


Sulam tangan bersama Sulam Sayang!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sediakan payung sebelum hujan

I started this project together with Kak Zah's Bunga Sekuin baju kurung. Found this suitable umbrella at a local emporium and couldn't resist it. Always wanted to try this danglings either on table runner or curtains! Found the pattern in a book and got myself some suitable beads for the umbrella (ella, ella, hey, hey, hey....)

The project kinda halted when I ran out of the small hexagonal beads and unfortunately my bead shop no longer carry the size - had to order, "besok sampai lo." The next week - "minggu depan lo." Then - "belum lagi loh!" "Alamak!"

Then Kak Cik's wedding came into the calendar and she wanted to use the umbrella during the event. Belum siap lah! I had to find the beads and fortunately found some in a small shop in Wakaf Bharu! Jahit punya jahit, sampai the night before the wedding - still tak siap!! Puhh.

So today, I decided to publish this post just because...

(From the looks of it, my posts are getting creamy and creamier yea? What to do. All the latest projects are either white or cream. )

Anyway, the umbrella looks very romantique and fairy tailish. You should try to be under it. Hm.. good for day dreaming or wishful thinking as if .....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Give me light

You must have figured by now that I'm getting bored with all this already. Acquiring new skill is most satisfying. Once attained, it drags you down again. So I'm seeking a new skill again.

A lot of sewing ideas came to mind - pajama pants, pot pourri pouches, draperies. So I decided to visit a local fabric store to check out some fabrics for my new projects. RM2.80 per meter with small flower prints cotton is good for my pajama pants. Further up along the way, found some remnants in the draperies section. RM8.00 per meter white checked organza with fine silver and gold lines. Perfect day curtain for the boys' room. This back room needs more light as it faces west, sun down and the current white thick curtains helps a little but not much to bring in natural day light. So I'm set to my sewing machine.

Completed the pajama pants and their great - comfortable, snuggly and soft. Haven't taken any pictures yet and it's in the washer. Maybe I'll make a few and sell them here on-line. Anybody interested? It will be cheap and comfortable. Wear it with a t-shirt to sleep and I promise you you'll sleep well in them. Wait a couple more days okay and I'll post it out for sale!!

Completed the curtain - yeah very nice. The room is much brighter and beautiful. More comfortable and the boys love it. Yeah!!

The curtain photo taken from the doorway did not come out with good result coz there's too much light from the outside of the window. Too much light for photography that is. But very good light for the room.

So I've taken a closer shot on the one at the doorway to show the fabric. Yeah!!

Beautiful! You see, the sales assistant said I'd need 3 pieces of 2 meters for the whole window. So, in order to have a perfect finishing I put all three together. Then I found it's too wide for the window. So, I took off one part, finish the other two together, and make the one part for the door! Voila..

"Cantikkan?" quote un quote Eric Leong of Casa Impian!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Be your own taylor. Get yourself a Baju Kurung

Ever wonder the effort and spending when it's the time of year when you need a new baju kurung? Chances are it will be two months before raya or for a big wedding or special event. You plan to get yourself a baju kurung. Off you go to your favourite fabric store. Masses of fabric, silk, chiffon, rayon, cotton in a myriad of colors. Okay, so you've made your selection, 4 meters of fabric you feel suitable for your celebration. Maybe it had cost you a good RM80 to RM200. Now off to the tailor. She'll take your measurement and it will be ready a week before raya. It will cost you from RM40 to RM60 for tailoring the fabric into a baju kurung. There would be other cost incurred as you made your way thru Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman or where ever that you shop and back. Plus you need to wade your way to your tailor - at a makcik's place at Kampung Bharu or wherever. Then of course a matching tudung! So back to Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman for a tudung bawal. This may cost you RM55 to RM175!! So I'm providing you a short cut solution. Read on.

I have this friend tailor who sews the best fitting baju kurung in the world. She has been sewing mine for a good 10 years and I still go to her to get my baju kurung done. She operates from her house. Previously, she had a store but following a year of bad flood she had to close shop. Her cutting and sewing is so good you rasa terletak je!! Must I say more. So what's the deal? Read on.

Here at this site, I'm offering you fabric, sewing, jahit tulang belut and bead embroidery (if required) services and delivery (pos laju) right to your door - your baju kurung. "Wuoo... macam mana tu?" you might ask. You choose the fabric from our collection, trust me on this one. (We will build our collection of quality fabric at our e-shop!) You give me your measurement, and I'll send you your baju kurung right to your door!! "What kind of measurement?" For this you have to get yourself a measuring tape. Gi borrow from your mom, or sis or your neighbour if you don't have one. Dah ada dah? Now pull out one of your best fit baju kurung. Read on.

Lay the baju kurung flat on the floor. Start taking measurement. First, the shoulder width, from side to side. Forget about seam allowance, get the exact measurement. Second, the sleeve length. Third, the sleeve width. Fourth, the dress length. Fifth, the dress widest width at bottom, side to side including the pesak. For the kain, measure the waist, hip and length.

Give us two to four weeks and ding dong you get your baju kurung.

Or, if you biasa beli baju siap and comfortable with the standard size, just choose from the available sizes. We will suggest a matching tudung to go with the kurung.

How's that to shop from the comfort of your home. Save time, money, fuel and reduce global warming!!

So let's get started.

P.S. the price? Lupa pulak.

Fabric + Sewing + Tulang Belut + Beading + Packing&Delivery =
(fabric depends on the fabric)+R25+R3+(beading depends on design)+RM7

Price range depends on what you desire from RM110 - RM???? Email or call 019-9846026 for enquiry. Thank you.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wedding Anniversary Gift

Today we celebrated my son Hazem's 14th birthday. We don't do this for the sake of celebrating his birthday per say. Rather, we took the event and make it an excuse to buy and eat a cake, a little fancy cooking and get presents. This time we had a crave for cheesecake, so the birthday cake is Oreo Cheese! Fancy cooking? Grilled lamp chop, french fries, chicken macaroni salad, and sweet corn. Presents? Clothings that he needs - track pants, t-shirt, slippers and a cap. We added remote control racing car we got as a free gift while out shopping at the East Coast Mall. So nothing really with my Sulam Sayang trademark.

However, we did get something out of Sulam Sayang collection for Rozie our next door neighbour. She and hubby consider the children their own. What a neighbour. It's their wedding anniversary - don't know the "th". So the perfect gift for her was a beaded purple songket purse and purple crystal bracelets in two different tones.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Rozie and Rashid! And Happy 14th Birthday Hazem!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Voila!! Tudung Bawal English Rose!!

Wow! Cantiknya! Gerammm! What ever was your first impression on this completed personal project, do leave a comment. Love to know what you think.

In perfecting my rose motif, I've seeked high and low in the internet for pictures and techniques. Found a beautiful alphabet work with floral motifs at Flickr and flowers from gardens on a book cover at Amazon. This motif ,English Rose and Sleek Lavender, is from the works of Diana Lampe. Check it out at my new Sulam Sayang Amazon Store.

The voile is from my quality Japan Full Voile collection. The color is peach. Beautiful color to set the background for this English Rose Garden theme.

"Lovely isn't it. Just lovely..... "

P.S. Nak dapatkan the secret to this Perfect English Rose, make a purchase from Sulam Sayang and become member to Sulam Sayang DIY. Di sana, coming soon, how to Perfect English Rose!!