Saturday, November 22, 2008

Give me light

You must have figured by now that I'm getting bored with all this already. Acquiring new skill is most satisfying. Once attained, it drags you down again. So I'm seeking a new skill again.

A lot of sewing ideas came to mind - pajama pants, pot pourri pouches, draperies. So I decided to visit a local fabric store to check out some fabrics for my new projects. RM2.80 per meter with small flower prints cotton is good for my pajama pants. Further up along the way, found some remnants in the draperies section. RM8.00 per meter white checked organza with fine silver and gold lines. Perfect day curtain for the boys' room. This back room needs more light as it faces west, sun down and the current white thick curtains helps a little but not much to bring in natural day light. So I'm set to my sewing machine.

Completed the pajama pants and their great - comfortable, snuggly and soft. Haven't taken any pictures yet and it's in the washer. Maybe I'll make a few and sell them here on-line. Anybody interested? It will be cheap and comfortable. Wear it with a t-shirt to sleep and I promise you you'll sleep well in them. Wait a couple more days okay and I'll post it out for sale!!

Completed the curtain - yeah very nice. The room is much brighter and beautiful. More comfortable and the boys love it. Yeah!!

The curtain photo taken from the doorway did not come out with good result coz there's too much light from the outside of the window. Too much light for photography that is. But very good light for the room.

So I've taken a closer shot on the one at the doorway to show the fabric. Yeah!!

Beautiful! You see, the sales assistant said I'd need 3 pieces of 2 meters for the whole window. So, in order to have a perfect finishing I put all three together. Then I found it's too wide for the window. So, I took off one part, finish the other two together, and make the one part for the door! Voila..

"Cantikkan?" quote un quote Eric Leong of Casa Impian!!

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