Thursday, November 27, 2008

Back Linked With Love

I wish to thank you who have made their way here at Sulam Sayang. I am very happy when I notice your presence and especially honored when you took time to comment on my work, left a note at my shoutbox or sign my guestbook.

I must tell you that I really enjoy beading and hand embroidery and sharing it with you here at Sulam Sayang. I've also noticed that many had come to this blog from a link else where and I've found that some of you had made a link to Sulam Sayang on you blog list or others. I am again honored and very glad that you enjoy visiting this blog.

As such, this post is a tribute to all of you, especially those that have Sulam Sayang link on their blog.

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Rainbow Glitter Pictures

*Abby (who loves this work and gardening like me)*Kak Pah (sewing lover from Sarawak)*Norazihan (he.. he.. sendiri punya bloglah)*Rahma (marine lover from Sabah)*Sheila Wahid (embroiderer and a technical professional)*Kak Long (my loving daughter)*Ina (ribbon embroiderer)*Suzanne Cooper (US) *Beader's Showcase (beaders all round the world)*Bead Journal Project 2008 (bead artists)*Maziah (my secondary school friend till now)*Pinchesska(cross stitcher)*Umi Da*Norazlina (who loves sewing for her princess)*Fabric Malaysia (my love for local fabric)*Yarin (quilter from Indonesia)*Halida (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)*Adani (yg baru habis exam kot)*Afariez (peminat sulam kot)*MrsNzam(yg tengah happily carrying a baby)*Gee(fabulous smocker)*Haslina(peminat beading kot)*Alviana(young n enthusiast)*Suryani(love her family)*Nadd(stylish)*NurAzimah(beginner cross-sticher)*Farahana(avid taylor)*Nora(nice tudung)
<i know ada lagi a few. do let me know who you are so i can back link you in return here, tq. tak kira whether u generate income from your blog or not, i would like to back link u here as my tq for your support>

Glitter Graphics
Thank You Glitter

Happy beading and happy blogging!


Sulam tangan bersama Sulam Sayang!!


nurazimah said...

Thanks akak...happy sangat coz ada yang support saya..bertambah semangat saya nak menghidupkan World of me..harap dapat beri tunjuk ajar.

Norazihan said...