Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sediakan payung sebelum hujan

I started this project together with Kak Zah's Bunga Sekuin baju kurung. Found this suitable umbrella at a local emporium and couldn't resist it. Always wanted to try this danglings either on table runner or curtains! Found the pattern in a book and got myself some suitable beads for the umbrella (ella, ella, hey, hey, hey....)

The project kinda halted when I ran out of the small hexagonal beads and unfortunately my bead shop no longer carry the size - had to order, "besok sampai lo." The next week - "minggu depan lo." Then - "belum lagi loh!" "Alamak!"

Then Kak Cik's wedding came into the calendar and she wanted to use the umbrella during the event. Belum siap lah! I had to find the beads and fortunately found some in a small shop in Wakaf Bharu! Jahit punya jahit, sampai the night before the wedding - still tak siap!! Puhh.

So today, I decided to publish this post just because...

(From the looks of it, my posts are getting creamy and creamier yea? What to do. All the latest projects are either white or cream. )

Anyway, the umbrella looks very romantique and fairy tailish. You should try to be under it. Hm.. good for day dreaming or wishful thinking as if .....


rosa amilia said...

jika payunnya seperti ini, saya sayang untuk gunakan selagi hujan :)

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Norazihan said...