Sunday, November 14, 2010

Batik Table Runner

I'm not much of a frills type of person but following a request I have done this batik table runner with some decorative ends.

The batik is my favorite Sarung Batik Terengganu in red .. it has such a strong commercial touch yet depicts the vibrant spirit of Melayu.

Making use of the two available designs from the sarung I have done the back motif for one side and the body design for the other side. As the length of the runner is more than one and a half meter the side borders are made use to emphasize geometric design. A beautiful bead tassel with a little decorative copper like leave dangles at both ends of the runner providing weight and aesthetic feature.

Hope it is acceptable by you Mr. Lim.


Mila@Rimbun said...

cantiknya.. bila ntah nak memborong batik niii..

Norazihan said...

terima kasih Mila .. disamping kraf batik siap seperti alas meja, table runner, sarung bantal dan bag saya juga boleh membekalkan kain sarung batik yang belum berjahit. sila tinggalkan pesanan Mila jika sudi.