Saturday, October 9, 2010

Long Batik Table Cloth

Today begins the season of Hajj. Malaysian first group of 300 to be Hajjahs and Hajis arrived safely in Madinah. Soon millions of Muslim will pack Meccah and Madinah awaiting for the day of Wukuf. There is no Haji without Wukuf at Arafah according to a tradition from Rasulullah SAW. Come the day for Wukuf at Arafah, we muslims in our own countries are encourage to fast. We will later celebrate Eidul Hajj the next day when the pilgrams throw stones at the Jamarul Aqaba symbolizing self cleansing. And it is the day for Korban.

This post is to show off a recently completed table cloth from our Sarung Batik Terengganu. This table cloths is for eight seating and so it is quite a large one. It will later sits in Australia.


Journalist said...

Oh my GOD, my mama sangat kreatif!! ;)
Tak sangka!

Norazihan said...