Thursday, September 30, 2010

Round, Red and Ridiculously Hot Table Cloth

A table is truly a plain object. Photography of plain object I find is very challenging. On sewing craft I have done a few beautiful table cloths out of Batik Terengganu but to show it off herein this blog, the photography just doesn't do them justice. Under indoor lighting and not so good camera setting, the visibility of both my beautiful work and the beautiful batik artwork did not project themselves.

So, to bring out the most of this recently completed batik table cloth for my foreign customer I've decided to take the table cloth out of the dining room setting and out in the gardens for my photography shoot. Now, enjoy and feast your eyes on the strikingly red round table cloth amidst my Misai Kucing plant, Kembang Pagi flowers and on my drying line.

The piece I'm sharing today is similar to the first round table cloth I did earlier. This piece is made out of four batik sarungs. The table cloth is cut out from the main body of the sarungs. While the napkins were cut out from the head of the sarungs. The pieces for the table cloth were laboriously put together like a four cut cake cutting. This way gives more accuracy to get the points together than my previous effort of working with eight pieces. The result is just truly lovely and breathtaking.

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