Monday, September 27, 2010

Sulam Forever

And I thought those days are gone. When tudung bawal bersulam tangan or just tudung bawal would no longer be worn. With the tudung segera over flooding the tudung market in Malaysia, or Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, the square voile scarf is less favoured by local Muslim ladies.

Even if chiffon long scarf is still favoured among teenagers as per the wearing by Yuna, their elders are now favouring the earlier called tudung ekin. Well I'm happy that in the midst of all the bright colored Lycra instant scarf, my service is sought after.

Here I'm starting with simple design using basic stitches for a suttle decorative for the instant scarf. A new twist to the tudung here the fabric used is velvet and it's only for the awning. The tudung body will still be Lycra.

Happy to work with you Kak Imah and looking forward to your continuous need and success for your tudung business.

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dupdap said...

Akak jual tak tdung sulam atas kepala tu??