Friday, May 2, 2008

My own Crawlers (similar to local Manjalara)

Deep lavender with slight gold tint you can almost smell it. Why not blue? Dark blue makes the dress (it's a kebaya moden) gloomy. Why not light blue? It sinks.

This was my last year's baju raya. It will again be my baju raya this year with a little more bling-bling (glitter.) Last year raya kat KL, this year kat Kelantan insyaAllah.

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NoPunyNerd said...

Beautiful color choices and a lovely, delicate design.

Norazihan said...

Thank you nopunynerd for your visit and comment. Mean a lot coming from a pro beader :)

Julieta bisuteria said...

Es precioso!!!!

Norazihan said...

Gracias Julieta. (My Spanish is very minimum.)