Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bead Journal Project

Still seaching for ideas for the upcoming project. BJPers, if you could suggest themes and stiches I would appreciate. Do comment. Tks.

As BJPers are all English speaking and this blog is mix English and Malay, here's some basic words for your education:

Sulam / Sulaman +=+ Embroidery
Manik +=+ Bead
Manik Kaca +=+ Glass Bead
Jahit / Jahitan +=+ Stich
Dompet Duit +=+ Coin Purse
Tudung +=+ Scarf
Bunga +=+ Flower (Check out my other blog on flowers in my garden at Laman Sari
Sayang +=+ Love
Manis +=+ Sweet
Tujuh Belas +=+ Seventeen
Lengan +=+ Sleeve
Kain +=+ Fabric


NoPunyNerd said...

Good luck with this amazing project! I've seen photos from this year's BJP and am completely amazed at the dedication. I look forward to seeing your pages, Norazihan.

a2susan said...

Norazihan. Hi! If you're still looking for ideas for the BJP, spend some time browsing through blogs. That's what I'm doing now! Thanks for the translation on some of the words.

Yours, Susan