Monday, September 22, 2008

Tudung Bawal Hand Sewn and Embroidered (TBHSE)

Hi embroidery fans.

I'm working on my first line of tudung bawal Hand Sewn and Embroidered (HSE). The collection will be in pastel colors - warm pink, lilac, sand brown and light yellow.
The decorative embroidery will be small flower motif at borders. The flower motifs will be rose buds, lavender, tinkerbells and other small flower motifs along border from front to back.

As the collection is Hand Sewn and Embroidered, the edging will be the traditional pull and tied with slip stich inside edging.

The collection will use Full Japanese Voille, very fine bawal with beautiful soft colors.

The collection is open for grabs. It is priced at RM55 a piece (not including postage.) Interested in owning one of these exclusive Tudung Bawal by Sulam Sayang order now. Call 019-9846026 or email now.

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