Monday, June 2, 2008

Sun Burst

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Carol said...

Hi, I came here from the Fun with Bead patterns yahoo group. I also bead on clothes and admire your work. I notice that you have a link to the BJP, will you be participating this year? I will. Lots of interesting things on your blog. Please visit mine.

Norazihan said...

Hi Carol, tks for visiting my humble page. Do share with me your work on clothings. Yes i've registered to join BJP this year but still wondering what to do.

Happy beading.

Hélène H said...

Hello I have been part of the Bead Journal Project 2007 and discovered your blog on the BJP website.

I love your work too and would like to know more about you, so I have "tagged" you on my blog. I hope you will agree to play !

Kind regards


Norazihan said...

hi Helene and boujour,

Wow, I'm overwhelmed. Tks for visiting. I will try to post a meme and we'll see. :))

rizal said...

Salam Kak zihan,

thank for dropping by at my site. Wah.. this is another great work. Beads..Great too to find another Malaysian blog on arts n crafts

Rizal rasa kalau rizal buat beads nii mau pening2 mata. :)


p/s : i ll link you yaa.. thanks

Norazihan said...

Waalaikum salam Rizal :)
BTW I learned about advertlet from your site - better than nuffnang.

I'm from Gombak, maybe someday we can meet. I memang suka local crafts.

Tks again.

NoraManik said...

Assalammualaikum Kak Zihan,

Salam perkenalan....Nice beading work. Feel free to visit my FP, may be we can share the knowledge and designs as well.

Norazihan said...

Hi, waalaikum salam Nora,
I'm honoured that u have signed off this design. I'm truly honored. Ialah, u experienced beader. I memang ada visit your FP (ever since I first stated beading) and believe me they are lovely. Your designs are one of my favourite amongst local beaders. Tahniah.
Tks and keep in touch :)
(happy sesangat ...)