Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wadi Sling Bag With Cover Flap

As promised, more add on features to my bags. Simple as it may be, each successful add on is very gratifying.

Complementing my earlier OMG Cool Shoulder Bag, this Wadi Bag is of the same fabric. This vibrant green brown and white fabric is matched with a more soothing brown for the inside lining. Notice the handle is one side of the designed fabric while the other is of plain fabric. This is so when using the bag reversed, each way the handle is matched to the body.

Surprisingly, even with the flap cover, the new add on to this Wadi Sling Bag, the bag is still reversible!!

Furthermore, I've concocted a matching makeup purse with satin ribbons to enclose! Wonderful!! The makeup purse is also lined on the inside with the soft brown fabric. I'll detail this makeup purse when in my next project update .. hold on to your seats.

There you have it then, four different bags and purses to mix and match to suite the occasion. I just can't decide which bag I want for myself! They are SO cool, I want them ALL!! Don't you?

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Journalist said...

buat kan saya satu beg macam ni. yang gambar first. hehe ;)) cantik pulak!!