Friday, April 23, 2010

OMG Cool Shoulder Bag

OMG. I'm speechless when naming this bag or rather the fabric.

I was kinda skeptical of the result as I've matched this striking fluorescent green design with a lighter than the fabric background brown. Thought it would look electrifying with plain fluorescent green for the inside lining but alas don't have it. Don't even have fluorescent green thread to do the sewing with so I've settled with dark brown. And when finished, I just had to say "Oh My God!"

It has a matching tissue pocket with emerald green piping at edges. Cool!

Take note, I have a lot of more cool ideas to add to this cool shoulder bag. One, the inside pocket which sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. Two, inner top zipper which I have done once for Rozie's brown batik shoulder bag. Three, there are matching accessories to the bag or it's accompanying Wadi Sling Bag that are tissue pocket, fun purse etc. Four, I will do a tiny loop at the side of the tissue pocket and hang it onto a button sewn on the inside at one of the handles arm. That way, the tissue packet in its tissue pocket will be safe from being crumpled inside the bag when it is hangs safely away from the other peripherals women always carry in their bag. The phone? Oo, the phone sits in the inside side pocket which I've already explained earlier.

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