Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dark Forest Bag Set

Back to making my favourite Cool Shoulder Bag and Wadi Sling Bag.

For time saving, I've made the bags from the same material I named Dark Forest. The bags are awesome yet mysterious.

To complement I've made matching tissue pockets for each one. So whoever wants the bag, the tissue pocket comes FREE!

As a bonus, I'm offering the whole thing which I'm calling a Mother & Daughter set with another surprise gift!.

So moms with teenage daughters, what are you waiting for?

Get in the fun with these cool matching bags for your Ladies ONLY outing!

P.S. As usual, the bags are 100% reversible. Outside fabric is Dark Forest cotton polyester and inside fabric is plain dark green cotton polyester. Tissue Pockets are edged with dark emerald green satin piping. The whole package deal is only for RM50. Hurry while stock last!


Journalist said...

nice work!
cute :)

Norazihan said...

tq. more coming in extra awesome colors! love you.