Monday, April 5, 2010

Alphabets - Ondori Floral Embroidery

I'm feeling a bit down lately and haven't done any sewing yet. Watched Pride and Prejudice two days in a row so that's how down I am. So for the lack of sewing projects I browsed through my old posts and thought of sharing this one with everyone.

These pictures first appeared in my Sulam Sayang DIY blog so here goes...

The above design templates are the ones I used for my SULAM project which I completed last year.

The finishing on the template is good as the material is like thick cotton or like canvas. Remember, for my project I used thin fabric, burgundy japanese voille. You can do the same by just duplicating what I have done. Choose your favourite word then follow the needlework template above. For letters not available just make it up. Making up the alphabet is easy I think like the way I did M on my own. However adding suitable floral motif is another challenge.

Good luck. Happy Sewing and Happy Blogging!

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