Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just Having Fun

To test my skills with various stitches I started to work with alphabets spelling my blog name Sulam Sayang. The fabric is left over from an unfinished kurung project of burgundy japanese voille.

I intended to do the full wording but it's taking too long to complete, so I'm posting it here today anyways.

The design is taken from Ondori Floral Embroidery, not fully. Check out the template at Sulam Sayang DIY. The book did not provide for the letter M so I've improvised N for an M, just add another arch.

Most of the alphabet's outlines are with stem stitches. Some as A uses chain stitch. Filling/shading is done with herringbone stitch - those X'es.

Various other more advance stitches, including satin stitch and bullion, were used for the flowers. Aren't they lovely.

The flowers at S are daffodils. While U are water lilies. The other I'm not sure but A looks very wild. Love 'em.

Projects like this is very good to use up those left over threads. I have many of them, greens and red/pink in various shades, so that really suits projects of floral or plant motifs such as this. Why don't you try it?

Happy Sewing and Happy Blogging -

P.S. learnt to place this signature followings tips from a friendly blogger, I think her name is Maya. Tks Maya.


Alviana said...

It's lovely. I'd love to try it. But dont know if i have that patient :p

nurazimah said...

Cantik!!Imah suka sangat..semua hasil kerja akak buat imah sangkut kat blog ni..camni imah pun nak blajar menyulam..

Norazihan said...

Tks Alviana & Imah. I'm quite patient when it comes to doing my bead and hand embroidery but will be very impatient waiting in line or in the car waiting for my kids to get in...ggrr...

Happy sewing and happy blogging.

sheralina -MCNAA- said...

ade buat kelas tak?

Norazihan said...

Info kelas sulam tangan and manik - follow the link ya!

Happy sewing & happy blogging!