Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cool Tudung Bawal - 100% Hand Sewn and Hand Embroidered

This color, bead and design combination is for the chique and sophisticated. When Putri a Sulam Sayang visitor said I should do more of this hand embroidered tudung bawal, I decided to start on bawal again. She loves this fabric color from my selections at Sulam Sayang E-Shop, so I started to work on it. I don't know if she wants the tudung for herself, but I hope she does. So Putri I hope u like it enough to purchase :) Call me, I can have it send together with your daughters' kurung. Other wise, it'll be up for sale at Sulam Sayang E-Shop!

When I picked up the fabric from my selections available at Sulam Sayang E-Shop I find it hard to get the correct floss color to match it. Not until I found the beautiful green "stones" in odd shapes for the rose buds did I decided on the matching green floss for the leaves and vines and the duo-pink for the roses. Before that it was to be like brown vines and dark green leaves. It would have been just common. But this - I just love it. The floral motif is just enough to give the elegant yet sophisticated look. The flower arrangement is just nice and just enough not too crowded to give that 3-D effect. Love it! Hm.. just love it!


Alviana said...

beautiful works :)

Norazihan said...

tks alviana.

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