Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mouse Pouch

Have you seen my Fun Purse? They're really fun and funky to have. The colors are electrifying pink, blue, orange and yellow. Great to store those bits and pieces cards, bills, and notes. As much as I love my Fun Purses, when storing bulky items like a computer mouse or camera or hand phone, they are not quite there to accommodate. So in comes the Mouse Pouch!

This Mouse Pouch is the same size as my Fun Purse. Unlike the Fun Purse, the Mouse Pouch is not hard interfaced but fully lined. Here I used green Batik Terengganu for the outside fabric; and the inside fabric is just plain green. Matching green zippers, end tabs and wrist holder for easy handling.

As the pouch is not interfaced, it is soft and flexible; and very convenient to hold bulky or odd shaped items. It's great for my computer mouse and camera. I am HAPPY!

Next I'm gonna make a laptop cover or sleeve of similar concept to protect my laptop from scratches when slipped into laptop bags. It will also serve as dust cover when the laptop is not in use. I have uncovered too much already of my next project. See you there!!

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