Thursday, June 18, 2009

Smooth and Silky, Orange Zest, Long Scarf

Special request, order actually, from Puan Nurul - selendang, long scarf, in natural color, earth tones, that would be simple and sweet looking.

Because of the special size request, my normal kain bawal is square, her order is made using 1.5 m length of my Japanese Voille, peach in color. She favours hand embroidered bullion roses and so the selendang is 100% hand sewn and embroidered. Lovely!!

I wanted a sublime look so I choose color combination in white, orange and yellow highlight. White for the vines, orange for the bullion roses and rose buds, and yellow for the bullion rose highlight. This time the lasy daisy leaves are white in color same with the single seed stitch vines for the suttle and soft look. Edge trimming is simply hand stitched hem. Beautiful.

Another one for Puan Nurul is coming up soon!! Happy Sewing and Happy Beading!!!

P.S. Visit Sulam Sayang E-Shop for exciting new colors from my Bawal No. 1 collection.


rossana said...

salam Nor, nk tanya kalau disign lbh krg camni, tudung biasa 4 segi lbh krg 45-48" agak2 bape ye?

Norazihan said...

wslm rossana, untuk tudung 4 segi design ni saya sulam kan bahagian tepi dua belah. so kalau pakai 3 segi, bunga sulam sampailah kehujung depan. kainnya saya guna bawal no 1 seperti yang ade di Sulam Sayang E-Shop saya . kesemuanya 100% hand embroidered and hand sewn. bolehlah rosanna tinggalkan message kat email saya atau 0199846026.

Norazihan said...

harga rm100++