Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fiery Hot Shoulder Bag

This is one hot cool shoulder bag. Similar to the first few that I've made. Only this time, the shoulder attachment is not just by overlap method, but by the inside seamed method - advance technique that is. Hooray! Zihan!

To make it more exciting, I'm going to make a matching fun purse and tissue pocket to go along with this bag. Exciting eh!

This red and white fern design fabric is matched with fiery red plain fabric for the inside. It is totally reversible with a pocket on the plain red side.
I'd love this one for myself.
But of course if anybody is interested to get one I can always get the fabric replenished..
that is if it is available from my favourite fabric outlet.

Ta ta! I'm heading to the Mall!!

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Norazihan said...

sold to Rozi. tks Rozi.