Friday, February 11, 2011

Cool Shades Pouch

What a cool project this turned out to be. Originally a request by a beautiful young lady, who had dropped by Choqlat at Plaza Gambut, Kuantan, with her cute friend, I've searched the internet for good design and tutorial for tie pouch for sunglassess. Found this one and before you know it I've made a couple of these.

The batik fabrics used are remnants from past projects; used for both the outer piece as well as the inner peace. So the pouch is well lined and snugly tied at the open end. Here for the ties I use round elastic ties. Sunglasses fits well inside one of these.


MyBotanG said...

Assalam from Japan. This is my first time over here.. love the way you utilise batik in your bag making.. very creative and a perfect signature.. cool!!

Norazihan said...

waalaikum salam MyBotanG or is it SueEmran. Thank you. envy you living in Kyoto. you're probably having a fabulous time visiting those craft shops and having endless sewing projects. i myself might leave u a word for some things i'd need if u can get them for me. until then have a wonderful time sewing and blogging.