Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shoulder Bag

Hi everyone! I'm so excited with my latest finished project - a shoulder bag!!

Well it's a tote bag - one you can carry a lot of stuffs in it. Like I have keys, phone, purse, coin purse, lipstick, thumb drive, nail clipper, medicine, note book, pens and others I carry around in my bag. And I thought well to include a laptop I need to have a bigger bag. So I started on this project.

Initially I started to work on a red checked bag designed big enough for a laptop. It started well with suggested how-to by Edina with a book reference magazine. But then I stopped midway as my machine had some problems. So into a shoe box went all the materials.

Then this idea came to mind.

I chose a cheetah printed cotton fabric for the bag. For a good finishing, the bag is fully lined with plain black cotton fabric. So it's pretty sturdy to carry books or groceries or stuffs. I plan on offering this bag to others for RM30. Add another RM10 to RM20 if you want it beaded for extra bling-bling.

Can't wait to start on another one with a lighter yellow cheetah print color. Order yours now!!


Journalist said...

Love it!
nak lagi!!!

Norazihan said...

So this one is Kak Long's .... and a smaller one goes to Edina! Seems like everyone likes this tangerine cheetah print but alas.. the fabric is out of stock... shucks.

bumblebee said...

kak zihan, love the tote bag. awesome!

Norazihan said...

tks bumblebee. i see u're quilting. bolehlah tunjuk ajar when i finally shift to patchwork quilting nanti!! glad to hear from u, hope ur okay. happy sewing.