Monday, November 9, 2009

Magenta and Lilac

Ok. Lama tak create post. This time, again, bead work on baju Na. Again, vibrant floral motif - minat sungguh Na dengan motif ini. Yang lain nya this time is the same floral motif is repeated kat lower body line.

This time also I switched from using pearl beads to rice beads. The triangular shape centers the vibrant floral with darker glass beads as the insides. Triangular vibrant floral buds are then stitched in between the larger vibrant floral motif. Very satisfying. Love the lilac and magenta colour tones.

For your information, magenta is also referred to as fuchsia. Fuchsia is from the electrifying pink tone. Lilac is from the purple tones. On this work the spikes for the vibrant floral motif is in two colors, magenta and dark purple. While the inside triangle made with rice bead is in dark magenta with dark lilac glass bead as the center bead.

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Happy beading and happy blogging!!

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Anonymous said...

hmm ada baju baru!