Monday, February 22, 2010

Machine Embroidery

A new craft which I would like to put my hands on. There's a vast selection of these machines available locally and I can't get enough with their features and functions. Amongst my favorite is Brother's and Singer's. The price can reach RM10k including software for design scanning and generating stitches with the machine. The possibilities of great craft is endless. Hmm ... not sure if I should invest in such a machine for fear that it will be a white elephant.

Picture: Pencil case from jeans fabric and machine embroidered from Haslina, a collector of embroidery sewing machine whom I bumped into unplanned at Bachok, Kelantan. Fun meeting you Na :). The whole embroidery is completed in just 41 minutes and the machine just runs by itself! ... just in time for us to finish our tea.

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