Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sling Bag Wadi

Take a break! After a long stretch of batik bags a slumber sling bag is a wonderful feat for the eyes!

This bag is ordered by Wadi, Hazem's friend. Yes, a boy. He liked the cool shoulder bag Kak Long modeled but that one already went to niece Izzati.

So I made one for him from this wonderful orange 100% cotton fabric and matched it with plain red cotton for the inside lining. Wonderlicious!

As usual, my bags are 100% reversible and so two looks from one bag. How cool is that! He wanted to fit in his science log book and so I sized it even to fit my laptop!! The handle is purposely long to enable cross body wear. Hip alright! Simple, no button, no zipper, no pockets, just a cool bag for a cool boy. (Heard that this will also hold his futsal shoes; boys)

P.S. Still owe Cikgu Minah a toiletries bag. Hm ... haven't found a nice color and fabric combination for her. Her's would be a delicate decision as she is a retired teacher and very gentle person. Hang on there Cikgu Minah. Thank you.

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