Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vegetable Bag

Surprised? Well the English would call it a Flower Bag. They would put in fresh cuts of lavender and roses flat in these bags from their country garden ye. Well I would use it to place my vegetables when I go the Night Market! So in goes a bundle of Kangkong, Bayam Merah, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Red Chillies and Small Chillies. Enough.

There's only one shot of the bag because even though it is 100% reversible but I made the fabrics and fabric matches the same inside out. Save cost!! Aishah wants it cheap! Hmm... normally I would do different fabric designs inside out so you get value for your money for a two look from one purchase. But sorry folks.


korsetselepasbersalin said...

salam....saya suka sangat2 dgn beg kat sini... ada kedai ke?

Norazihan said...

salam korsetselepasbersalin .. amboi panjangnye nama. tk krn appresiasi koleksi bag saya :) suka sangat. insyaAllah nak tumpang kedai kat Plaza Gambut, Kuantan, see ya.