Friday, January 29, 2010

Dark Night Half Moon Bag

This is dark night. Poor soul. Didn't want to show it at first but thought, heck, why not. Worked this one for Hana but felt it's too dark to be fashionable. So Hana you decide.

The fabric is batik Terengganu, maroon floral motif on black background. The handle is black from my voile collection. The handle casing is done slightly wider here but later redone narrower as per earlier hot chocolate. Slightly ripped it while undoing the stitches (e hek.) It again is totally reversible. As I've done it, the inside and the outside are from different parts of the sarong facbric, thus from the different motifs, you can have two totally different look either way you wear it. The bag is interfaced to give it it's half moon form. The handle is interchangeable, but it takes patience to put it through the casing. However, pulling it out is easy. Well the name describes it well. If you like it, let me know.

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