Monday, January 25, 2010

Square Bag

Couldn't wait to share this one, it's awesome!!

The bag is normally called a Messenger Bag well I just like to call a square bag.

I'm so excited finishing it after a few wrong doings but completing the project is very satisfying.

I took extra care in getting the floral motifs to line up. As the material is our batik Terengganu I had to make use of the different designs between the kepala kain and the badan kain, then there's the border design.

So the typical kepala kain or lined up triangle shape is used for the bag front. The badan kain is used for the rest of the bag including it's lining. For the handle I used the border and catch the cute turquoise blue flower to align the whole length of the bag handle. Of course the bag is interfaced to give it it's form. The bag has two outside front pockets sized enough to slip in an envelope or two. It has an outside back pocket across the width of the back. For clasping the flap hook and loop is used.

Hmmm.... Love it!


fidah said...

this is cool!! teringin nak beg ni in real life.. perhaps after this you can try a sling bag :)

fidah said...

alamak.. typo la plak.. teringin nak tengok beg ni in real life... that's what i meant.. hehehhe

Norazihan said...

memang cantik fidah. i'm so proud of myself for the accomplishment.

actually full pattern is with top zipper flaps and inside pun ade zippered pocket - but i didn't have the correct zipper size nor color so i went away with all that.

sling bag tu macam mane? actually messenger bag ni is also a sling bag where you would put the handle across the body - sling bag lah tu kan? ke u mean like a bag pack or oghang putih panggil city bag, whatever.

anyway love to hear ur comments and suggestions. tks.

fidah said...

hmm.. btol jugak.. this consider as a sling back too.. city bag? not sure which one is that hehehehhe... perhaps you can try a smaller version then. Sbb messenger bag ni besar.

But anyway cool stuff! Pastu ur product will be on shelf.. One step to your own boutique!! chewah..

Norazihan said...

aaahhh insyaAllah. glamour gitu.

Bonnie said...

I like it. I've got to try to make one of these. I'm a fairly good sewer, was it difficult?

Norazihan said...

hi Bonie, this is kind of for the intermediates. It would be a harder project if u want to add the top zipper flaps, an inside zipped pocket which i had skipped. do share with me your completed one later kay.