Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flat Zippered Purse with Handle

Fell in love with this flat purse when I first saw it at Etsy. Just had to figure out on assembling the pieces so that raw edges are not visible. Well after comparing methods from two tutorials I found at Blogger I kinda mix the methods and voila.

I'm comfortable with the method of doing it, it's just that it's so hard when working with interfacing. For the fabric I used here which is batik Terengganu, the cotton is quite thin so I figured the purse would not have the form which I wanted. So along came the interfacing. But that's just it with interfacing, especially for small projects as this purse where you have to turn in inside out and all over, the hard interfacing just makes it more difficult.

The purse is roomy enough to function as wallet, phone or camera holder. The large, stiff handle is perfect for hanging it to the wrist.

Well the plan is to match these purses to the larger tote bags. Well this one matches my earlier Regular Tote Bag.

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