Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sewing Bagsket

Ta da! Sewing Bagsket. Sounds funny eh? Well the original poster named it such, bagsket that is. Well I change it to Sewing Bagsket. Well I change more than just the name.

This bag original design is with a pull string cover. Imagine a container for baby's milk bottle. Well you're right, yuks, I didn't like. I did finish the bag up to that point. It looked pathetic. So I strip open the top part, redo the top edging and voila I got a Sewing Bagsket!

Why sewing basket? Well, the design allows for multiple slots for tools and notions. I used a beautiful ocean light blue satin trimming for the pocket top. So why hide it with the pull string top? And I figured the pockets fits well for scissors, rulers, pens and other sewing paraphernalia. Perfect.

Again, the fabric is our batik Terengganu. This time inside out! I made use of the different prints on the sarung fabric for special effects. It works eh!

This is one is Aishah's. I'd love to have one for myself to stash all my sewing tools and take it around when I'm working on a hand sewing project.

So, for my own sewing bagsket, come back it a short while okay!

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