Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Mom's Sewing Machine

December had been a busy month. Well actually the roller coaster started with Raya Haji. Well prior to that we started the stretch of travellings and entertaining by having to pick up Kak Long in Segamat following her semester break. Perks of the trip .. durian Segamat!

Then balik kampung for the Raya Korban .. a week! The rituals of korban as usual was done by our traditional family gotong royong followed by an afternoon barbecue. Nice. On our return we had our nephew staying over. Did I mentioned it rained most of the time. Yep even my sis-in-law's house had a share of the flood in her area.

Na's visit was fun.. karaoke! Then another nephew came. Then we're off to KL. An agonising week, Kak Yah went thru a head operation. Alhamdullilliah she's recovering well. KL was fun to .. bowling, waiting in the hospital, biz meetings, family get together. Best of all I had the opportunity to bring my late mom's (Al-Fatihah) sewing machine to Kuantan. Thankyou to Abang Rashid and thank you to Jiha.

We had Nyah and Co and Hana and geng over. So we had another round of fun ... jamming, karaoke, BBQ, Yong Tau Fu buffet, durian.

Then we had to send Kak Long off again to school. She cried so it was quite a sad moment for all of us.

Now, again, it's just me and the boys.

Thankfully I have my sewing machine and I have my mom's sewing machine!!!

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