Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feminine Apron with Gathered Skirt and Wide Shoulder Straps

Side track sikit after a few bag projects.

Been wanting to do an apron so with one of Aishah's batik Terengganu I followed my heart desire to make one.

I choose this pattern for it's comfort. The wide shoulder strap is far more comfortable to have on than the usual string straps. The shoulder strap is also attached to the back waist band eliminating the need to pull over one's head with the normal string apron. Furthermore, this one is a bit fancy with gathered skirts for a more flirting look with a modest size bib. It has two large pockets big enough to hold a recipe flip book or other electronic gadgets to take along to the kitchen.

P/S - Pardon the photo shoot. I wanted to have a photo of a person with the apron on to show it's femininity but I don't think any of my boys would want to model it :D